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  • 5 Ways to Stage Your Home for Fall October 4, 2022
    Here are a few quick ways to set an autumnal tone in your home.Accent with Fall ColorsShades of orange, brown and dark red are popular and provide a sense of warmth.Autumn-Inspired CenterpiecesGet creative with items that are synonymous with this time of year, like gourds, pumpkins and pine cones.Decorate with Cozy BlanketsDrape a cashmere or […]
  • How to Ask for a Higher Credit Card Limit October 4, 2022
    A higher credit limit can help in an emergency, allow you to make any necessary large purchases and even, in some instances, improve you credit score. Asking for a higher credit limit, however, can seem awkward.Higher credit limits are typically offered to people with the highest credit scores for a simple reason"theyre considered the most […]
  • Making the Most of Your Credit Card Rewards October 3, 2022
    Using a credit card to earn rewards is pretty simple. Just use the card to buy things and youll get cash back or reward points from your credit card company.Getting that free money of 5 percent or even more on every purchase is easy, but there are some things you should pay attention to if […]
  • 5 Household Items Worthy of Your Top Dollar October 2, 2022
    Published with permission from RISMedia.
  • How to Add Red to a Room October 1, 2022
    Love the color red but not sure how to add this bold shade to your space? Below are a few tips.Art. Adding a bright red painting, sculpture or oversized piece of pottery to your space can give it a color pop without overwhelming.Do the door. A red front door is more than just eye catching"if […]
  • Safety Tips for New Homeowners September 30, 2022
    Something every new homeowner wants is to feel safe and secure. Here are steps you can take to ensure that feeling.Do a little research and look into things like the crime rate in the area. Find out about neighborhood watch groups and how they work.Change the locks as soon as you move in. You have […]
  • 5 Tips for Making Health Savings Accounts Work for You September 29, 2022
    Putting money in a Health Savings Account, or HSA, can help you and your family pay for health expenses now and in the future, while giving you a tax break for your contributions.HSAs have been around since 2003 to help people with high-deductible health plans, but they can still be confusing. Here are some tips […]
  • Five Dog Breeds That are Easy to Train September 28, 2022
    If youre thinking of adopting a dog, you may already have your heart set on one particular breed or another. But if your furry friend is to become a beloved and well-behaved part of the household, you may want to be sure you are choosing a breed that is known to be readily trained.Several factors, […]
  • A Guide to Butcher Block Countertops September 27, 2022
    Heres everything you need to know about butcher block countertops…The BasicsThere are three different types of butcher block counters to consider:Edge grain is made by stacking planks together so the side of each piece is seenEnd grain is built using square-shaped pieces that give it a grid-like appearance.Face grain is made by laying slabs of […]
  • How to Snack Right Before Bed September 26, 2022
    That before-bed urge to root around in the fridge or pantry for an end-of-the-day treat can be a powerful force. Whether youre looking for a mindless munchy to accompany your TV-time or just trying to satisfy your late-night sweet craving, eating too close to bedtime, while enjoyable, is one of the common culprits involved in […]